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Michael Bettinger edit.mp3
Michael Bettinger, a pioneer in queer family therapy, discusses his experience with the Stonewall rebellion and the Gay Liberation movement as well as his memories of activism and milestones in gay history in both New York and San Francisco.

Rich Wandel MP3.mp3
Rich Wandel, the founder of the LGBT Community Center National History Archive, discusses his coming out, his role in the Gay Activists Alliance and Mattachine Society and the legacy of Stonewall and the Gay Liberation movement.

Walker .mp3
An interview with Wendell Walker concerning the gay liberation movement, the 10 year anniversary of Stonewall, march on Washington and other topics related to the experience of being gay in New York City.

Martha Shelley.mp3
Martha Shelley is an activist, writer and poet (as well as an English teacher in a "former life" as she explains). Martha was a member of the Daughter's of Bilitis, an early homophile organization for lesbians. At the time of the Stonewall…

John D'Emilio 2.mp3
Historian John D’Emilio shares his memories of growing up in New York City in the 1960’s and being introduced to the “gay world” of the Village, including visits to The Stonewall Inn in 1968. John’s experiences reflect his upbringing and his…

Felice Picano 2.mp3
Felice Picano, a gay author and memoirist who lived through and participated in the early gay liberation movement, shares his memories about Stonewall Inn, the West Village and Gay culture in the sixties. He provides insights into the riots and their…
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