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One of the most well known written accounts of the Stonewall riot, with details and description that ultimately became accepted as part of the Stonewall narrative. The account only briefly describes the first night of the bar raid at Stonewall Inn…

An interview with Sylvia Rivera featured in a publication by "Flower Beneath the Foot Books." The title and publication date are unknown but the year may be 1979 or 1980 since the tenth anniversary of Stonewall pride march is mentioned. Reading her…

This flyer distributed in San Francisco, attributed to the "Red Queen" dates from May of 1979 after the acquittal of Dan White in the murder of Harvey Milk. This rally cry highlights the persistence of the divide between the established gay…

This Mattachine Society publication is described as "the pocket lawyer" and covers all the basics of how to handle being arrested by New York City police due to "anti-homosexual" laws.

The cover of this pamphlet from the New York Civil Liberties Union depicts protesters confronting police.

IMG_0348-3 Gay Rights.jpg
Personal photograph belonging to Craig Rodwell, owner of the Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookshop, of a billboard on 7th Avenue near Christopher Street in New York's Greenwich Village. Date and context of the image are unknown.

This flyer describes the need for gays and lesbians to continue to fight oppression. IT is most likely form the mid 1970's. It cites Stonewall as a catalyst for the liberation movement. The author establishes Stonewall as the "first" time gays rose…

This cover image of the GAA newsletter announces Gay Pride Week and includes the entrance to the Stonewall Inn with an image of Pride marchers inserted in one of the bar's windows. The door to the bar also has the words "I love you sw" scrawled on…
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