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In 1971, a large march, including a women's march and anti war march were planned for May 1st. Gay Liberation Front, the grassroots militant organization that grew out of the Stonewall rebellion, organized to include a Gay May Day Contingent in…

Photo taken by Leonard Fink during the first Christopher Street Liberation Day Parade in 1970. The subjects are unidentified but are standing in front of the Gay Activists Alliance (GAA) banner.

Photograph of crowd on 5th Avenue during the CSLD parade. This image was taken by Rudy Grillo. The date is unknown but most likely taken after 1970 and before 1975.

Picture of Roller Arena, Fairy Godmother during a pride event in 1973, most likely taken on 7th Avenue with a number of her fans, including a police officer. Rollerena (as she is known today) went by the names Rollin’ Skeets in 1970, Roller Arena…

A group of Drag Queens assemble along the parade route of the annual Gay Pride Event in New York City in 1973.

Photograph by Rich Wandel taken in 1971 at the "Gay In" in Central Park after the Gay Pride march.

This image taken by Rich Wandel depicts marchers in an early gay pride event, the Christopher Street Liberation Day parade, June of 1971.

Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries march in the Christopher Street Liberation Day parade of 1971. On the left is Sylvia Rivera (with bag in her arms). STAR was created by Sylvia and Marsha P. Johnson both of whom were active in the Gay…
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